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    As much as I fell in love with Savannah, and the terrific variety of food options I found all over the area, I felt myself missing those “go-to’s” I had in New Yawk. The comfort food – yaaas the baconeggandcheese – that were always readily available.  I started doing some research on how I could get those tastes that I so dearly missed replicated here in Savannah.  During this process I stumbled upon the perfect spot in Sandfly, and on April 9, 2018 the doors of Rocky’s NY Deli & Italian Catering opened for the 1st time.  And a hunnit  it’s been a mad experience ever since.

    A die-hard, bleed-blue-and-orange NY Mets fan (it’s easy to be a Creatures fan… in takes character to be a Mets fan), and a true-blue NY Giants nut (Eli belongs in the hall of fame).

    The highlights of my day include talking sports with my incredible customers and watching how the taste of our food brings up memories of the places they are from when they take their first bite from the many things on our menu.  Equally as exciting, are the customers who have never had the taste of New Yawk and are amazed at the pride and quality that is in every single one of our products. 

    Savannah is my home now, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, but once a New Yawke, always a New Yawke at heart.

    Born and raised in Malverne, NY. On (not in) Long Island, about 15minute from the city. Graduated from St. Paul’s School in Garden City, NY in 1988 and got my associate degree in Restaurant Manager from Nassau Community College in 1993.  All while working my 1st job, a cashier and drive thru master at McDonald’s in Lynbrook, NY.  That first job kinda stuck… for almost 30 years… in various positions that took me all over Long Island and the Five Boroughs. Eventually in 2006 I arrived in Savannah, GA.  McDonald’s had been very , very good to me, but I was itching to do something on my own, and in 2016 I decided to strike out on my own and Rocky’s Italian Catering was born, catering events from the small kitchen in my home in Pooler, GA.

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