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Nothing says New Yawk like Pastrami & Corned beef. The only way to get it right is to make it ourselves. We do it from scratch - using USDA Prime brisket, sitting it in a brine for up to 2 weeks, rubbing what will be pastrami in our proprietary blend of spices then smoking it for 12-14 hours before cooling it and slicing it thin. Corned beef is taken right from the brine and baked with our spice blend. Sayless the pastrami on rye that you order at Rocky's takes roughly 2-3 weeks to make.

To make every meal special we cook the roast beef rare from scratch; the cheesesteaks are made from 100 % Ribeye; we have the best Italian cold cuts; the fresh mozzarella is made daily; sides and salads are also made from scratch.

And for that New Yawk breakfast, please stop by on the way to work for an authentic baconeggandcheese on a hardroll directly from the JJ Cassone bakery in Westchester, NY. You are probably wondering bey-gulls? We could probably get pretty good ones around here, and you wouldn't be wrong. BUT if you want a real New Yawk bey-gull, why not get them directly from the source? Our partner at A & S Bagels in Franklin Square, NY (the same bagel shop I used to go to as a kid!) ships them directly to us. They are boiled (in that special New Yawk waw-tuh), parbaked, frozen, and finished in our oven fresh.  BUT Real talk they are simply the best bey-gulls I have ever had (and that's coming from a New Yawk bey-gull snob).


Anyone can slice some cold cuts; put a picture of the Statue of Liberty on the wall and call it NY "Style" At Rocky's ... We Ain't NY "Style". WE ARE NEW YAWK!

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