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OK real talk, which city is known for:

being the financial capital of the world; as an iconic skyline, and is known for not sleeping?

If you said New York you are 99.9% correct because you should have said New Yawk. And when it comes to FOOD fuhgeddaboudit New Yawk is the only city in the world where you can get anything you want at any time of day or night.  It just tastes different, authentic, real. For me it was the comfort food – yaaas the baconeggandcheese – from the delis found at every corner each with it’s own distinct taste and ways of doing things.  I might drive past 5 or 6 delis to get to the one that had “my” sammich.

What we try to create at Rocky’s is a menu of “my” sangwiches.  A lot of memories, time and research were put in creating every item on our menu. A hunnit many long hours were spent in many delis and sangwich shops all over the Five Boroughs and Long Island watching how sangwiches were put together and what tastes make them unique and fire.  Yaaas I ate a lot of sangwiches – hey someone had to do it.  There are thousands of delis across New Yawk, New Jersey, and Connecticut and only one Rocky’s. So we may not do it exactly the way you might remember your go-to-deli, but I can assure you word to my mom, you will be able to taste the same pride and authenticity going into every product we offer.

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