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Statement as of 6/7/20

To Our  Loyal Customers:

Over the past 6 weeks or so, the availability of certain products we use, most notably beef,  has become scarce due to COVID-19 related slowdowns and shutdowns in processing plants. This has caused prices to increase over those weeks. We have absorbed those increases in the hope that the market would correct itself and prices would  return to normal in a reasonable amount of time.

This has not been the case. Prices of beef have continued to increase to the point of being DOUBLE what they were 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately we cannot absorb this increase going forward. We have tirelessly discussed different options to try to offset these increases from using lesser quality product (Not gonna happen) to even buying a cow (seriously).

The only reasonable course of action we can take is to increase the prices of our beef sandwiches only (pastrami, corned beef, roast beef, ground beef). Since we feel the increase is significant, we wanted to be as transparent as possible in why we are doing this.  We want there to be as little “sticker shock” as possible.

Please know that the price increases are TEMPORARY. As soon as the market eases, we make a promise to lower the price accordingly. This is not a “profit grab” or gouge—just simply a way to offset the increased costs, and even this doesn't completely cover the increase  - we will absorb the rest.

We will continue to offer specials and alternatives, but we felt that Rocky’s without pastrami or roast beef just isn't Rocky’s. Please visit our website, www.rockysofsavannah.com or our online ordering for a full listing of prices.

We hope that you will continue to support as you have during this unprecedented time.

Thank you Savannah!

Pastrami & Corned Beef Cured and Cooked On Premises

7360 Skidaway Rd. Savannah in the Shops at Sandfly

Thank you Savannah!

For supporting Rocky's during these difficult times that we all face.

At this time, we offer limited dine-in seating at half-capacity. We will continue to run takeout through walk-in, online ordering and call-ins. We appreciate your patience. Delivery is available through our partner, savtakeout.com.

As always, Rocky's remains committed to the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation and have enacted enhanced routines to ensure safety.

Fuhgettaboutit Y'all!


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